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  • Pearl Colours

    Pearls are one of the few precious stones in the world that can come naturally in a variety of colours, and its colour is one of the unique characteristics of a pearl that makes them so desirable. Although the traditional and popular image of a pearl is one that is white, this doesn't mean that pearls of other colours aren't popular and beautiful in their own right.



  • Keshi Pearls - An Introduction

    Keshi pearls are accidents of the pearl culturing process. Coming from the Japanese word meaning 'poppy seed', they are non-nucleated and are formed as a natural by-product of the culturing process.This can occur when an implanted nucleus is rejected by the oyster, or another way they can form is if the implanted nucleus fractures and creates two pearl sacs.



  • Tahitian Pearls - An Introduction

    Tahitian pearls are also known as black pearls. They are grown in large black-lipped oysters (Pinctada margaritifera) in the islands of French Polynesia surrounding Tahiti, and come in a range of natural dark colours including black, silver, charcoal and dark green. Once nucleated, the black-lipped oyster is left for up to three years before the pearls are harvested. A truly black pearl is extremely rare, and is considered one of the most beautiful types of pearl in the world.


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