Pearls for Men

Pearls are typically associated with femininity and beauty, but pearl jewellery really isn't just for women. True, a Hanadama pearl necklace might be the perfect gift for a woman, but a Tahitian pearl pendant is perfect for anyone. Pearls on men can look stylish and masculine, and can be in the form of necklaces, bracelets, dress shirt studs or the most popular option of cufflinks.

With necklaces, it's best to go for simplicity. One pearl on a cord or a small pendant is appropriate for every day wear, or a beaded Tahitian pearl necklace could look great with the right outfit. Necklaces should hang to just below your collarbone, not all the way down your chest.


The idea of cufflinks have been around since the invention of the long sleeve shirt, and by 1715 the original glass button cufflinks were replaced with decorated jewelled studs. Cufflinks may be worn either with the two ends pinched together in a 'kissing' manner, or with one end overlapping the other in a 'barrel style'. The kissing cuffs are usually more popular.


Designs can be very different. From the simplest short post or chain linking two disc-shaped parts to the ornate, swiveling cuff link for only the smartest of occasions. Styles of cufflinks include novelty, traditional, contemporary, utility and humorous cufflinks.


With Father's Day just around the corner (16th June 2013), a set of pearl cufflinks could make a fantastic, affordable gift for your dad. Father's day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, and was created to complement Mother's Day. The first celebration was in 1910, when Sonora Dodd wanted to celebrate her father who had raised her and 5 other children by himself, and since there was already an established Mother's day it only seemed fair. It was decided that is should be on the third Sunday in June each year.


Many of our cufflinks are made from Sterling Silver, with Mother of Pearl incorporated in it. Other types of jewels in our cufflinks include Lapis Lazuli, Black Onyx, Red Jasper and Malachite, so there's a design and colour of cufflinks to suit everyone.


Aside from father's day, pearl cufflinks are the perfect gift to give to your husband as a 30th wedding anniversary gift, which is internationally a pearl anniversary. Many men buy exquisite pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings for their wives to celebrate the occasion, and with pearl cufflinks you can share matching presents to celebrate your marriage. You can view our full range of cufflinks here.





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