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  • Caring for your Pearls


    Pearls are natural gems; organic products created by a living creature. As with all living things, they need a certain amount of care and to be treated with some measure of respect to maintain their beauty and lustre.




  • Cultured Pearls - the beginning.

    The Pearls formed by this miraculous process so entranced man, that just in the same way he tried alchemy to create gold; he sought to find a way to induce molluscs to produce pearls on demand. The name given to the process of inducing molluscs to produce Pearls is Culturing or Perliculture, hence Cultured Pearls. It is said that the first rudimentary pearl culturing took place in China as early as the thirteenth century and involved Buddhist Monks inserting carved images of the Buddha into the shell of freshwater mussels.


  • Natural Pearls

    Natural Pearls have been prized for thousands of years as nature’s ultimate treasure.
    They are unique, formed by the serendipity of organic nature and one might compare their creation to the miracle of childbirth – each one unique and beautiful.
    Diamonds and all other hard stones however, are formed by the brutal processes of inorganic nature and owe their conception to violent pressure, heat and eventual cooling and crystallisation.


  • Pearl Grading


    Just as diamonds have set criteria for determining quality, pearls have a similar but different set of factors which govern their quality. All our Pearls including Freshwater Pearls are graded in this way.




  • Pearls: The History


    Of all the gems nature has given to Man, the Pearl was surely the first to be appreciated and therefore highly prized. Their value was considered beyond price.




  • The Processing of Cultured Pearls


    Once a pearl has been harvested it still has to go through several stages before it can be worn as a necklace or set into a piece of jewellery.





  • The Birth of a Natural Pearl

    Just imagine for a moment walking down the street, when suddenly a small stone somehow hops into your shoe; you know how annoying that is. Sometimes, no matter how you shake your foot, there is simply no way of walking comfortably with it in there- you have to stop, take your shoe off and get rid of it.


    In the wild, seawater oysters and freshwater mussels can occasionally find themselves in a similar irritating, painful situation should a foreign body find its way inside their hard outer shells into their soft, fleshy body. Read More...

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